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  The Boys and Girls

SADIE - A very special Tri-color (black/tan/white).  She has wonderful bloodlines and has brought forward the best traits of the Cavalier breed.  She is Quiet, easy going and very much the mother.  She is loving and gentle, sweet and respectful.  She is diligent about the care of her babies but proud to show them off.  She has passed these qualities on to her offspring and they are well adjusted puppies because of her mothering.

CAPTAIN - An absolutely beautiful Blenheim (Light Brown or tan and white, often with a special "queens spot" on their head). He has Champions in his lineage and brings forward the regal meaning of the breed.  He is fun and funny all at the same time.  He is a very attentive daddy and is very caring of his people.  The toy player of the group, he entertains himself while entertaining us, but when there is an empty lap chances are he's in it. He's inquisitive yet cautious and walks the perimeter of the yard like a sentry.

The new generation at CastleRock. 


   Royal Son at Castlerock- Our Sweet boy Dog.  We call him "Mo".   He is absolutely beautiful and has a wonderful pedigree.  Solid, healthy, and long lived ancestors. 21 Champions in his background.  He is the heir apparent and the prince in our hearts.  We expect a litter from him in the late fall of 2008.

    Morning Glory of Castlerock- Precious Glory Girl.  What a princess in her Christmas Dress.  She is excepting her role as one of the royal court.  She is respectful, loving and just a joy in our lives.  She has some of the same wonderful pedigree lines that Mo Dog and Captain have and we expect great things from this angel in our home. 

All of our pups love their other doggie and kitty family member and Captain and Mo Dog are particularly interested in the cockatiels on our porch.  These wonderful, sweet dogs are the center of our home and our hearts.

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