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Picture Gallery    



In High School now, Becca fits in playing with the dogs even when there is homework to be done.  They are just waiting for their turn to go visit puppy find to see some new friends.  Kids have "my space"  doggies have "puppy find"  It's all good!



Beautiful Michelle.  She and Captain just love having lunch together. They sit on the couch and watch "Blues Clues"  together.  A favorite for both of them. 



Captain has a very special toy.  This is "my kitty".  Nobody messes with "my kitty" unless you want to throw it.  It will promptly be brought back to you but when the fun is over, he keeps it very close. 




As you can see our dogs have the run of the house.  Everyone just relaxes on the couch and of course "my kitty" is not very far.  To sit in our house you have to move a canine member of the family.




Brandon and Sadie playing Gameboy. She so wants to play but patiently waits her turn.   






Keely's 1st Halloween.  She lives with her sister and mommy in Canada.  I'm sure she's glad that they have Halloween up there too.  More treats




Izzy and Max wondering what mom has....could it be a cookie, or the leash, the brush, or just a bit of love.  How precious. 





This gives a whole new meaning to "dog day afternoon"  Lord James,  AKA  Jimmy Buffett, takes a nap with his sister Dolly Parton.  Sometime I wish I was a dog!!! 






A quick morning nap.  "No need for a bed, I'll snooze right here"






Happy Parents and their Babies!!!




Special News Zaira & Keely, have gone to live in Canada. Congratulations to Robyn and her Mom.     





Wonderful Gracie with her children in Kansas.  They all look so happy and loved. 





                                          Copper and his new family.  He has a new sister and Wow, is she pretty. 




Max and his boy.  Every young man should have a dog.  I see a very happy pair that will love each other for a lifetime. This is Max's first Christmas.  Watch the presents! 







Jennifer and Ms. Bella.  Bella's new mommy and daddy drove all the way from Mississippi.  Grandma too!  It was very exciting to see Bella go home with such a loving family.   




This is Adorable Little Lexie and her new parents Dave and Jerrie.  With all their children grown Lexie will now enjoy being an only child.  "Super Spoiled" comes to mind.  What alucky little Girl!                                                                       




Beautiful Ms. Star with her parents The Allen's.  Mom is just so excited and I see "love" in her eyes...as it should be with a new baby.






     Andrenia and her new baby boy.                          The Perez family and their new baby Girl                          A very happy family with their sweet Mattie



Pat and Mike with Jimmy Buffett                Rick, Margeaux and Beautiful Lucy.  What a beautiful picture!           Jackie and Paul loving sweet Chloe.

Happy, Healthy Puppies...That's what we are all about!